Tug + Regan


From the moment I was asked to capture this day, to sitting on my bed typing up this blog post right now, I am in absolute shock and awe that one of my very best friends is engaged to the man of her dreams! 

After just 3 months of dating (when you know, you know) Tug planned to ask Regan to marry him on the upper part of the dock that sits in her back yard-- little did he know that this was a place Regan had always wanted to be engaged at! He hid on the staircase out of sight while Regan's sister and dad tricked her into going out back to "fix the oil on the boat" before they left for dinner. When she walked up closer, Tug emerged from the staircase. In that moment, Regan knew what was happening. Overcome with emotion and joy, she walked with her dog Bentley along side her to meet a hug from Tug (lol rhyming) where they stayed a little while. Bentley ran off, and Tug walked Regan to the outer part of the deck where he told her that he loved her, then got down on one knee and asked her to marry him! (maybe I'm tearing up as I write this) Afterward, the two sat giggling and talked for half an hour before going back into Regan's house where friends, family, and mexican food awaited them! 

Something cool about this, from a friend perspective, is I can distinctly remember sitting on that very dock back in August and listening to Regan talk about how she was trusting in The Lord's timing. She was trusting God to take care of her, and bring a husband for her in His timing, not hers. Just 6 months later, I was blessed enough to get to witness her say "YES" to that very man God had in store for her. Our God is so faithful!

// Tug: I couldn't have prayed for a better man for Regan. I am so happy for the two of you and look forward to seeing you two commit to each other and glorify God through your marriage! Regan: I may never stop getting emotional about this.

Love you both so much!