Sometimes, life doesn't go according to plan, and I've never been more grateful for that than I am right now! I started out as an engineering major at Texas A&M University, and walked across the stage with a degree in business, art, and journalism instead. I also left College Station, TX with a photography business that had begun in late 2015! I never thought that my hobby I've had since the 7th grade would turn out to be my career, but I'm incredibly grateful it did. 

My husband Michael & I met during our time at Texas A&M, and in the Spring of 2019 we said our vows in my family's garden center outside of San Antonio, TX. We recently moved from Houston to New Braunfels, and though we miss our Houston YoungLife team and hanging with our friends we made there, we're excited to be near the hill country! If you're looking for two new, goofy,  competitive friends to play a game of pickle-ball with, we're your people! You'll frequently find us spending our time wake surfing on Canyon Lake, fishing the Guadalupe River, and spending as much time as possible outside.

For years I photographed in the wedding industry, walking alongside countless couples! But when an unexpected injury halted that line of my work, it in turn opened up a door of opportunity to capture so much more! Whether you're an interior designer hoping to have your work captured, a family searching for timeless, relaxed photos to help you remember your kid's childhood for years to come, or a business owner needing the essence of their brand and their "why" captured, I'm here for it all! 

Let's be friends!

hi friend, I'm Parker!


I used to think it was a bad thing to be a sentimental person. On the top shelf of my closet, a cardboard box holds all of the hand written notes my loved ones have given me, and printed pictures I've changed in and out of frames over the years. I always liked the idea of being a minimalist, yet I could never bring myself to throw away these memories I treasured. From time to time, I still take the box down and read through all of those cherished words and look through the photos that hold some of my favorite memories. No matter what season of life I'm currently in, they never fail to bring a smile to my face. 

There truly is nothing in this world that is "one size fits all", so why should photography experiences be considered so? My #1 focus in any session is to cater it towards capturing your true personality/ brand/ family dynamic, and to keep you guys feeling natural-- not weirded out by a bunch of awkward photo prompts. Beyond that, your photos should stand the test of time, and I've always believed that the way to do this is to make photos look as true-to-life as possible. Photos are an investment, and everyone wants an investment that lasts a lifetime. 

timeless photos never go out of style

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