Brock + Maddie


Okay you guys.


I can remember being a freshman at A&M and meeting Maddie Garner, only to meet her super sweet boyfriend Brock a short time later. The fact that I used to sit and hear her talk about "if" her and Brock got married how she'd be so incredibly happy blows my mind-- how it is already a reality now?! Brock contacted me a couple of months ago and told me his plans to propose to his gal of five years. It felt like that day couldn't come quick enough! Finally, on April 8th, I got to drive east to Tomball, TX, drive in a pasture of cows, hide my truck, and then crouch in a muddy bank next to a pond where Brock planned to pop the question! (see photo below of me hiding out) 


This wasn't just any old piece of land, pond, or dock for that matter. Over the last five years these two had made memories at this very place-- it had become a memorial of sorts for the two as their relationship went through the journey of various seasons and stages of life. Brock re-created their first date once they left church that morning, even including talking in past tense and acting like they were still getting to know each other! Five years ago, Brock had time to kill before the plans he had for He and Maddie that night, and decided to take her to this piece of land. Once they arrived there, he let her drive his jeep he owned at the time (which is a huge deal if you know Brock at all). Even though Brock no longer owns a jeep, when they arrived there in his truck, he asked Maddie, "Hey, would you like to drive my jeep?" Maddie then, with shaking hands and a high heart rate, drove his truck down the long dirt road to the dock they had spent so many days on.  Brock led Maddie by the hand out onto the dock, all the while speaking of the memories they had shared out there. Finally, he told her he wanted to make one of the biggest memories for the both of them out on that very dock. He dropped on one knee, and joyfully asked Maddie to be his bride!!! 

Seeing these two grow together in our time at Texas A&M has been the greatest honor. Brock, you truly set Maddie up to flourish-- it has been so cool to witness the ways you push her to be the exact woman God has intended her to be. Maddie, your patience with the Lords timing, your respect for Brock, and your trust in his ability to lead your relationship gives me a joy like no other. I think my favorite part about these two is how they spend their days declaring the Lord's faithfulness. In every stage of life-- every moment of rejoicing, and every season of sorrow and hurt-- I have seen nothing but thankfulness and praise come forth from this relationship for their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. These two and the love they have for one another is truly a reflection of how Christ loves His bride, the church. I wish y'all all the best!!

Love you so very much, sweet friend!

Love you so very much, sweet friend!

So pumped to see all the Lord does with y'all's marriage!! Love y'all!

Tug + Regan


From the moment I was asked to capture this day, to sitting on my bed typing up this blog post right now, I am in absolute shock and awe that one of my very best friends is engaged to the man of her dreams! 

After just 3 months of dating (when you know, you know) Tug planned to ask Regan to marry him on the upper part of the dock that sits in her back yard-- little did he know that this was a place Regan had always wanted to be engaged at! He hid on the staircase out of sight while Regan's sister and dad tricked her into going out back to "fix the oil on the boat" before they left for dinner. When she walked up closer, Tug emerged from the staircase. In that moment, Regan knew what was happening. Overcome with emotion and joy, she walked with her dog Bentley along side her to meet a hug from Tug (lol rhyming) where they stayed a little while. Bentley ran off, and Tug walked Regan to the outer part of the deck where he told her that he loved her, then got down on one knee and asked her to marry him! (maybe I'm tearing up as I write this) Afterward, the two sat giggling and talked for half an hour before going back into Regan's house where friends, family, and mexican food awaited them! 

Something cool about this, from a friend perspective, is I can distinctly remember sitting on that very dock back in August and listening to Regan talk about how she was trusting in The Lord's timing. She was trusting God to take care of her, and bring a husband for her in His timing, not hers. Just 6 months later, I was blessed enough to get to witness her say "YES" to that very man God had in store for her. Our God is so faithful!

// Tug: I couldn't have prayed for a better man for Regan. I am so happy for the two of you and look forward to seeing you two commit to each other and glorify God through your marriage! Regan: I may never stop getting emotional about this.

Love you both so much!


Ross + Bess


Holy cow y'all my first post on the blog! I'll be completely honest with all of you: I have no idea how to blog for photography. However, I knew that this proposal was one that needed to be shared with the world! At 6am the day of, Ross left his parents house in Houston. Bess was in town from Dallas for New Years, but when she woke up, instead of Ross being in the den, it was one of her best friends! Equipped with a polaroid to document the day-- and many tears-- Bess made her way throughout the morning being taken to many locations where a friend and a letter from Ross awaited her. I asked Bess what the best part of the letters was to which she answered, "Ross talked continuously in the letters about how some of his best memories consisted of having friends pick him up before the start of a fun day-- community is so important to the both of us and Ross intertwining that into the day meant the world to me." The last location was a family friend's farm, where one of Ross's close friends drove Bess out to a field where he stood with the last letter in hand and ring in pocket. The beautiful huge bench was one that he had bought from the summer camp where he and Bess met years earlier-- you can't see it in the pictures but the significance of this bench was that they had both signed the bottom of it years ago at camp-- it was the sitting space for many a long conversation and laughter! Getting to be the fly on the wall while they giggled and jumped and rejoiced together over their future was truly the best end to 2017 that I could've asked for! 


If you couldn't already tell, an insane amount of joy radiates from these two! I feel so blessed and honored to have gotten to be a part of their day.